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Головна » 2011 » Квітень » 21 » Benefits of leisure in the Carpathians over the holidays at sea
Benefits of leisure in the Carpathians over the holidays at sea

Benefits of leisure in the Carpathians over the holidays at sea

In this article we will show the benefits of relaxing in the Carpathian Mountains over the holiday at the seaside.

It is known that among Ukrainians summer vacation on the Black and Azov Seas is hugely popular. Especially popular is the Crimea and the Sea of ​​Azov, where available, such as the famous resorts Berdyansk and Primorsk. In the recent trend to reduce the popularity of recreation on the sea, which is associated with many negative factors.
Let's give all the flaws rest on the Ukrainian coast:

    * Rest in Crimea and other regions of the coast is very expensive. In this case, the comfort level is very low and poor infrastructure in comparison with other foreign resorts.
    * It should be noted that in the Crimea and other resorts there are many pickpockets, which can rob you at a deserted place.
    * Nearly all the beaches are paid. In this case, payment is taken almost everywhere.
    * Expensive food and other services.
    * The problem with train tickets.
    * Summer is very hot weather in southern Ukraine. This causes discomfort and permanent residence under this sun can cause sunstroke. Besides solar radiation is harmful and can lead to skin cancer.
    * Very poor ecology in the Black and Azov Seas, which is silent about the officials. It is known that in these seas flow many rivers, whose waters are sewage. Especially troubling south-east coast of the Azov Sea, where many industrial plants are located, which resets the raw sewage into rivers, which fall to the sea. Besides, have not yet studied the effect of radioactive pollution in the Black Sea after the Chernobyl disaster, which is predetermined by sea of ​​radioactive release to the merchandise from the Dnieper River.

You can even list the shortcomings of holiday at sea. But all these shortcomings there in the Carpathian Mountains. Indeed, in the Carpathians, fresh air and clean rivers. No industrial plants that degrade the environment. In this holiday in the Carpathian Mountains is much cheaper than on the coast. And the infrastructure and comfort in the main resorts in the Carpathian already close to European levels.

Sam summer vacation in the mountains is comfortable and pleasant, because there is not as hot as the south. In the Carpathians enough spas, where you not only relax, but also improve their health. Every year there are new resorts and private estates for the reception of tourists not only from Ukraine, but from all over the world.

Therefore, we invite you to the Carpathian Mountains on a summer holiday.

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