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Promise Night (Laylat al-Frame)

Promise Night (Laylat al-Frame)

Laylat al-frame (Laylat al-frame) - night promise (urocha night). 27 Night of the month of Ramadan (this is always night on Monday) is the night of promise, the solution of fate, might. Holiness Leylyat al-frame is that this night began giving the Quran to Muhammad.

Quran - the last book of revelations of Allah. After the holy Prophet Muhammad is God sent His prophets to mankind, not passed the Scriptures. Since the Qur'an is concerned the final establishment of monotheism - belief in God and stop worshiping idols and worship them.

Giving people the Quran is concerned with the appearance of the world in the Arabian city of Mecca man named Mohammed, whom Allah has chosen his messenger and prophet for all humanity. He was born in the year 570 (Gregorian), early lost his father, grandfather grew up, then uncle. He did not have to study - from the early years he started work. Allah says: "You do not read this writing, no hero and not his right hand: otherwise would come into question those who feel that the writing blank.

Up to 40 years, he lived like all mekkantsi was known among them for its exceptional honesty and good behavior, reliability and was endowed with confidence. He liked to seclude located in the mountains around Mecca, closed in caves, given to meditation.

This happened at the twenty-seventh day of Ramadan 610, on Monday night. The mountain Jabal al-Nour in the cave of Hira before Muhammad is someone in human form and told Allah's words: "Read! In the name of your Lord who created man from clots. Read! And the LORD thy most generous who taught the Kalama, taught man that which she did not know. "

It was the archangel Dzhybrail, vahy-messenger of Allah. Muhammad repeated the words after him, and the archangel disappeared. So Muhammad learned from Dzhybraila that Allah chose him as their prophet. Thus began the earthly life and the holy book of Islam.

It is believed that the night promise Allah decides the fate of each person, given his piety and the request made in prayer. So night Laylat al-frame taken hold in the mosque, reading the Koran and exalting Allah and the angels and prayer requests.

Urocha night before the Muslim holy Uraza Bairam, which means ending the Muslim fasting - Ramadan.

In 2006, holiday Laylat al-frame falls on October 18-19 (26-27 Ramadan).

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