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International Youth Day

International Youth Day

August 12.

December 17, 1999, in resolution 54/120 and the General Assembly adopted the recommendation of the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth (Lisbon, 12-18 August 1998) and proclaimed on August 12 International Youth Day.

The motto of the International Youth Day 2006 - "Fighting Poverty Together" International Youth Day was first celebrated on August 12. International Youth Day is designed to spread awareness, particularly among young people about the World Programme of Action for Youth. The World Programme of Action contains 10 spheres: education, employment, hunger and poverty, health, environment, drug abuse, juvenile delinquency, the measures to relax, girls and women, full and effective participation of youth in society and decision-making, globalization, information technology and communication, HIV / AIDS, youth and conflict, and intergenerational dialogue. The program also envisages the introduction of national, regional and global levels.

Young people - defined by the UN as the group aged 15 to 24 years - is 1 / 6 the population of the planet. Most children live in developing countries and their number is growing rapidly in the 21 century.

The idea to establish the International Youth Day was proposed in 1991 by young people who gathered in Vienna, Austria, at the first session of the World Youth Forum of the UN system. Forum has put forward a recommendation to proclaim the International Youth Day, to disseminate information and raise funds to support the United Nations Youth Fund in partnership with youth organizations. In 1998, a resolution was adopted which proclaimed the International Youth Day on the first World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth, held in Portugal, with UN support (Lisbon, 8-12 August, 1998). This recommendation was later signed by 44 General Assembly in its resolution A/RES/54/120 entitled "Policies and programs involving youth" (17 December 1999).

Excuse me, but in reality still did not understand when vidznachaetsya Youth Day? If we consider that the celebration took place in late June, all supposedly understandable, but why it is said that the Youth Day Christmastide also the 10 th of November? Explain please! I will be very grateful.

Can we have the better more confusing? :) This page is written about the International Youth Day on August 12. And then there is the International Day of Solidarity of Youth (April 24), which we have not yet written. Thus, we have: the last Sunday in June - Youth Day, which uspadkuvavsya since Soviet times, and quite firmly rooted in folk traditions (and maintained at the state level), the International Youth Day, according to the UN, suspicious World Youth Day November 10 day of creation of the World Federation Democratic Youth and the International Day of Solidarity Youth on April 24.

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