1. Təqdimat Ukrayna istirahət, şəhər Yaremche [23]
2. Prezantimi i pjesës tjetër në Ukrainë, qytet Yaremche [23]
3. Presentation of the rest in Ukraine, city Yaremche [23]
4. عرض الباقي في أوكرانيا، Yaremche المدينة [23]
5. Aanbieding van die res in die Oekraïne, die stad Yaremche [23]
6. Aurkezpena Ukrainan gainerako, hiria Yaremche [23]
7. Прэзентацыя Адпачынку ва Украіну, горад Яремче [23]
8. Представяне на почивка в Украйна, гр. Yaremche [23]
9. Trình bày của các phần còn lại tại Ukraina, thành phố Yaremche [23]
10. Cyflwyniad o'r gweddill yn yr Wcrain, Yaremche ddinas [23]
11. Ներկայացում մնացածը Ուկրաինայում, քաղաքը Yaremche [23]
12. Prezantasyon rès la nan Ikrèn, Yaremche lavil [23]
13. यूक्रेन में आराम की प्रस्तुति, शहर Yaremche [23]
14. Presentatie van de rest in de Oekraïne, de stad Yaremche [23]
15. Παρουσίαση της υπόλοιπης στην Ουκρανία, πόλη Yaremche [23]
16. პრეზენტაცია დანარჩენი უკრაინაში, ქალაქ Yaremche [23]
17. Presentación do resto da Ucraína, cidade Yaremche [23]
18. Præsentation af resten i Ukraine, by Yaremche [23]
19. Ettekanne ülejäänud Ukraina linn Yaremche [23]
20. מצגת של שאר באוקראינה, בעיר Yaremche [23]
21. פּרעזענטירונג פון די מנוחה אין אוקריינא, שטאָט יאַרעמטשע [23]
22. Penyajian sisanya di Ukraina, kota Yaremche [23]
23. Cur i láthair ar an chuid eile san Úcráin, chathair Yaremche [23]
24. Kynning á hvíla í Úkraínu, borg Yaremche [23]
25. Presentación del resto de Ucrania, ciudad Yaremche [23]
26. Presentazione del resto in Ucraina, città Yaremche [23]
27. Presentació de la resta d'Ucraïna, ciutat Yaremche [23]
28. 介绍在乌克兰各地,市Yaremche [23]
29. 其餘介紹在烏克蘭,城市Yaremche [23]
30. 프레 젠 테이션 우크라이나의 나머지 부분, 도시 Yaremche [23]
31. Presentation of Ukraine ceteris civitas Yaremche [23]
32. Iepazīstināšana ar pārējo Ukrainā, pilsētas Yaremche [23]
33. Pristatymas Ukrainoje poilsio, miestas Yaremche [23]
34. Презентација на одмор во Украина, градот Yaremche [23]
35. Penyajian sisanya di Ukraine, bandar Yaremche [23]
36. Preżentazzjoni tal-bqija fl-Ukrajna, belt Yaremche [23]
37. Präsentation der Rest in der Ukraine, Stadt Yaremche [23]
38. Presentasjon av resten i Ukraina, by Yaremche [23]
39. ارائه تفریح و سرگرمی در اوکراین ، شهرستان Yaremche [23]
40. Prezentacja reszta na Ukrainie, miasto Jaremcze [23]
41. Apresentação do resto da Ucrânia, cidade Yaremche [23]
42. Презентация Отдыха в Украину, город Яремче [12]
43. Prezentarea restul în Ucraina, oraş Yaremche [23]
44. Презентација остатак у Украјини, град Иаремцхе [23]
45. Prezentácia zo zvyšku na Ukrajine, mesto Yaremche [23]
46. Predstavitev počitka v Ukrajini, mesto Yaremche [23]
47. Uwasilishaji wa mapumziko ya Ukraine, mji Yaremche [23]
48. การนำเสนอส่วนที่เหลือในยูเครน, เมือง Yaremche [23]
49. Sunum Ukrayna dinlenme, şehir Yaremche [23]
50. Bemutatása a többi ukrajnai városban Yaremche [23]
51. Презентація Відпочинку в Україні, місто Яремче [10]
52. ڈیمو یوکرائن میں باقی کی، شہر Yaremche [23]
53. Pagtatanghal ng mga pahinga sa Ukraine, lungsod Yaremche [23]
54. Esittely loput Ukrainan kaupunki Yaremche [23]
55. Présentation du reste en Ukraine, ville Yaremche [23]
56. Prezentacija odmora u Ukrajini, gradu Yaremche [23]
57. Prezentace ze zbytku na Ukrajině, město Yaremche [23]
58. Presentation av resten i Ukraina, stad Yaremche [23]
59. プレゼンテーションウクライナの残りの部分、都市Yaremche [23]

"Карпатська тиша"

Відпочинок у Яремче

0977739122 - Любов

Вечер в Карпатах

::::::Каталог для туриста::::::

Головна » Статті » Presentation of the rest in Ukraine, city Yaremche » 3. Presentation of the rest in Ukraine, city Yaremche

Relax in the Carpathians

Relax in the Carpathians

Just today, just at that moment, exactly, we sincerely invite you to plunge into the vortex of surprises, beauty and unforgettable experiences! You ready? Go!

Imagine that you finally got rid of all the problems and decided to relax in the Carpathians. You vtikayeshi with noisy and suffocating the city and heading towards us. And only you zayizzhayesh in our city - Yaremche, you realize how well you have chosen resort.
Before you open up the incredible scenery of mountains, rivers, forests. Your breathing becomes easier and deeper, you feel clean air and pleasant smell of the forest. Next you will go through downtown and can immediately see our main historical monuments and two museums. In onomu of which you can see the whole exhibition pryvezynyh icons from abroad, specially in our city, you learn about the history and Yaremche nasolodyshsya beauty of paintings by prominent artist Yaremchanskogo Ostap'yuka. By the way our city is a lot of painters, sculptors and craftsmen gutsulskih, and this suvenirschyky and shepherds and a lot of interesting people, which can be found only in us.

If you come in summer, we guarantee you a wonderful hike in the forest, the mountains, the fish can even organize a real hike for 2-3 nights away in hory.Ty can feel the wonderful smell of wood, mushrooms and berries, and captivates you and beauty mountain nature that you can not not come to us again. Also you can go to the river and wash in pure spring water or river Prut River Zhonka see a real waterfall, above which you can just go to a local bridge that will lead you to the souvenir market.
And then your eyes just scattered all you want to buy. Yes, yes! Because of these various krasyvyhta suvenirchykiv, prekras, busiv, embroidered shirts, Kitchen appliances, national symbols, products made of wool and other things more weight you will not find in any corner of the world. Upon entering here you Immerse yourself in a fairy tale - it is incredible! And you know what the secret of all gutsulskih products? And that every suvenirchyk, each made with a soul dribnychka the guest who created it. All products are made in hand and is very valued because hutsuly make them sing, cabbage with great love.

If you come in winter, we guarantee you more sightseeing, snow Yaren - spravzhrniy a paradise, a real Winter's Tale. Mountains of snow all around you. And so happens that snow up 1 m in height and you can easily play snowballs and snowmen with blind children or arrange with friends or just snow war sanah ride, ski or snovbordi. And you can go to "Koliba" - this is our Gutsulsky restaurant. Here you can enjoy barbecue, banosh, chenahamy, dyrunamy with mushrooms, dumplings with bacon, and if you have it will never cost how much more do they come to us! After such a meal you will feel the taste of life.
We would note that Yaremche this city, not village. You'll find a supermarket, many shops, banks, bazarchykiv, restaurants, and night club with hot drinks, modern music and girls and inflammatory hloptsyamy.Takozh impossible not prymityty Yaremchan hospitality! It is these kind, generous, friendly and wise is hutsuly, residents of the city. And that such are the owners of arcade "Dinner in the Carpathians". And if you choose this particular court, you do not feel sorry! For only you'll find this gutsulskom comfort and warmth. Their house is made of wood in the tradition of building that you can see from the photos. Roman master of the house - the master rizblyar on wood, that he and his wife, zbuduvalyta own hands have made this house. When you get to it, you just want myself and such. Entering the house you immediately notice a beautiful articles of wood - a table, chairs, ledges, frames for paintings, staircases, all of the trees. Mistress Tanya's house and the master of embroidery is in the kitchen, waiting room, bedroom - everywhere embroidered paintings.

The first floor is the kitchen in the cottage, on the second floor is a reception and better to call this room a pleasant, quiet, relaxing holiday, because here you will not hear noisy cars and alert people.
On the third floor you will find 2 bedrooms, one of whom is a TV in another computer that you felt you to use while relaxing in the cottage. In the living room also has a TV tuner with more than 1000 TV channels. In the house you will find many unusual at first sight strange things with wood, or rather from the roots of trees. This is the hands of the son of the owner, Sergei. He makes a custom seat, mirrors, frames, etc. When you see you povviryte his eyes. You say that this does not happen! Believe! In this unusual chair you can sit only in them. When you vyhlyanesh the window of the cottage, you see how all sides are seen the mountains, by the way they are very close. And even from a cottage near to Volyernoho Farms where you can see the pregnant wild animals, aj their own feed. They are close to the river and waterfall Zhonka "Maiden's Tears" and the usual way into the forest.
And they can hold you elcome excursions around the city and the mountains. Also in their house you can learn to cook your own BBQ. They are for the grill, skewers, meat, where they teach you how elcome hutsuly make Barbecues. They not only invite you as a tourist, but as a friend and long-awaited guest. They will help you and will tell all about Kalush. Do not lose the good work! Attracts guest at this yard and feel the true comfort and relaxation.

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