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Головна » 2011 » Квітень » 12 » Theme of children's rest
Theme of children's rest

Theme of children's rest

Theme of children's rest and recuperation neradostnymi dictated by the observations of the growing Number of childhood diseases.
A careful study of the reasons for the growth of childhood morbidity - gives a disappointing conclusion, the absence or, rather, a catastrophic shortage of children's recreational facilities. Mass closure, conversion of children's sanatoriums, recreation centers, "Pioneer" camps - an overnight effect on the overall level of health of our children. This, first of all, is a young hostage big cities already do not differ health. Without taking into account the single departmental, mixed-boarding in Ukraine have only two seats can take children to rest and treatment: Evpatoria and Yaremche.
On the sea, with its healing properties, and talk excessively. And that's about the healing properties of mountain air, impregnated with scent of herbs and pine vapors, pure mineralized water, remember the cost.
In Yaremche, as it became clear, is fairly large by today's standards, children's pulmonology sanatorium - "Carpathian" that can accommodate up to 300 young visitors. For a period of autumn - spring, boys go to school that is located on its territory. Free time, children under the supervision of educators, teachers of physical culture, health personnel, gain strength and treated. Hiking in the nearby woods, walks to the river, moderate, rational-balanced exercise and controlled physician insruktorom gymnastics, medical massage, nutrition, vitamin and medication support to create the charge of force, vivacity of the whole year.
Coniferous trees, a ring surrounding the city, easy rarefied air, contribute to the emergence and persistent retention of a large number of negative ions in the air.
Life in the electromagnetic field, under the soft X-ray screen TVs and monitors, in an atmosphere of nitrogen and hydrocarbon dvuhokisi, tetraethyl lead, soot, dust, fumes formaldegidovyh tar and heavy metals - is Ukrainian industry and household population. Our children do not deserve to be alive filters the periodic table. And on that appeal to you, dear parents, find the means and opportunity to improve in this God-given corner of the Ukrainian Carpathians, your favorite, and heirs.
Along the way, with respiratory problems, baby, "dub" curves back - scoliosis, spend respiratory, recreational gymnastics with a little creative use of sports equipment in the gym or on the football and volleyball.

Health - a thing that can not be bought, not sold, only given to the life and bestowed caring hands of physicians, wherewith we are, increasing it to your children!

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