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Manyava - Ukrainian Athos "

Manyava - Ukrainian Athos "

"Ukrainian Athos" - so long been respectfully called only one monastery - Manyavsky skit. Now pilgrims and tourists who often naviduyut sanctuary, enjoy this with a great phrase. But not everyone knows the true story that connects the sanctuary with our holy mountain.


But let's start, as usual, with the legend. Whether all people are so fond dokydaty favorite shrines although a few extra years, but rumored that the skit was founded in Manyava not just long and long ago - in the late thirteenth century. They say if Kiev Lavra monks Ioanykiy and Pachomius, leaving the Mongol-Tatars devastated the monastery came to the Carpathian Mountains to here on his selfless conduct of life. They say the fact that they built a temple here Exaltation of the Cross (1241), which however is not survived by the Tatar invasion. Yes it or not is uncertain. No evidence to support this legend is not, however strong folk memory of her guards.

The official story Maniava skit begins at the beginning of the XVII century. When this cozy and picturesque places came a humble man Job Knyahynytskyy. His path to Maniava ran from neighboring Tysmenytsia by far Athos. John on the holy mountain (with the same name was christened Job) received the tonsure and monastic name Ezekiel. Twelve years on Mount Athos monk lived and prayed, and perhaps there would have remained had it not regrettable state of Orthodoxy in Galicia. Worried him, he returns to Ukraine, and his fame is coming ahead. Athos monk and now somehow implicitly inspires respect and commitment to the Orthodox people. Immediately on his arrival in Lviv Bishop Gideon invites famous devotee restore fallen Orthodox Monastery in Univ, and he does humbly request, teaching rapists Athos Charter and transferring them to your own experience. Despite the entreaties of the Bishop of San yereya categorically refuses to accept, but takes a new name and schema - Job. Then he called in Uhornytskyy monastery, then - in Derman. Everywhere he goes and trains. But his life is no longer miss the quiet, secluded prayer. Job decides to leave the fraternity, and students looking for a place for prayer. Finally, finds "a dense forest wilderness" - where the river empties into Manyavka Baters (now Skytets), and there remains to do ascetic.

But not for long forest hermit enjoying silence and prayerful silence. Soon his find "orphaned" uhornytski students. The number of its supporters grows. Some remain with him in the woods, making for a cell next door, he sends others back to Uhornykiv. On the advice of elders to come and worldly people. Numerical brothers live in small cells and periodically invites the priest to exercise the Liturgy. Over time, the need for his church is nasushnoyu. Helped in this Pacman Peter, markovetskyy zhupnyk who built the church in honor of St.. John the Baptist in the village Maniava.

In the past, and Job realizes that the brothers are too great, and should build a monastery. The elder himself chose the place. Soon there grew up a "new Rus Vatoped Monastery on Athos figures.


1611, when the first cell was constructed Velykoskytskoyi monastery, sometimes considered the establishment of the monastery. During the year there's a new church which was consecrated on the day of Holy Cross. Job Soon, the brothers saw strength, transmits hegumen his closest friend - Feodosia. The very same usamitnyuyetsya. Theodosius put to him a little ble cell in the forest wilderness, called Skytykom. Job lived there the last few years of his life. Died founder of the monastery in 1621.

In those days the brothers Maniava skit consisted for 40 monks. They were too tight in a small church, so at the expense Mogilyanki Mary, daughter of Moldovan magistrates Jeremiah Graves, was built a great temple of the monastery in honor of the Holy Cross. The works were completed even 1619, but clever abbot decided to wait another year sanctification of the church to get first of Constantinople Patriarch Timothy of Alexandria and Cyril of ratification of stavropihiyi. Stavropihiyi privilege for the monastery was extraordinary arms and guarantee the independence of local bishops, who in those days very quickly changed jurisdictional and denominational affiliation.

Since Manyavsky skit gaining pace up. He was granted "against" - monastery chairman - three provinces. It belonged protiyi 556 monasteries, including Belz, Galician provinces and Podolski. Impressed and multiplicity of the skytskoyi brethren. "Come on in Skeet Pokuttia will find two hundred angels who live in the flesh ..." is the Metropolitan of Kyiv Petro Mohyla said of Maniava. Such a large fraternity had no Catholic or Orthodox monastery.

Over time, Skeet had grown large flock, donors and supporters who contributed to its development, endowed land protected. The monastery was really powerful. But then in 1676 a terrible disaster happened. Walking on the Polish king in Zhuravne, the Turkish army destroyed everything in its path. From Maniava skit remaining ruins themselves, but survived only a handful of monks. They slightly oklyhavshy, zahodylysya restore ruined monastery. But it was not as easy as before. Local poroztyahuvaly rebels that the Turks did not pick up, and orthodox princes, who could stand up for the monks, almost remained. Brothers sees one way out - to seek patronage in the King of Poland and the Russian Tsar at once. And, surprisingly, are successful in both monarchs. King gives them a charter that protects the local comrades, and Theodore O. King provides financial support to rebuild the monastery. And soon the monastery is even more beautiful and glorious.

Maniavsky. Exaltation of the Cross tserkvaZ 1700 begins a difficult period in the life of Skete. In essence it remains the only Orthodox monastery in western Ukraine. Although frank persecution for their faith is not exposed, but loses a number of privileges, subordinate monasteries. Number of rapists reduced to 30. And, despite everything, remains the Orthodox Skete. In 1772, the first division of Poland, due to a skit together with Galicia opynysya the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He is survived thirteen years and in 1785, by order of Emperor Franz Joseph, was closed. The monks settled on other monasteries and pans and property spread to various places. Amazing iconostasis Exaltation of the Cross Church, written by a famous painter Yovom Kondzelevych, hit the church in Bohorodchany (now he is at the Lviv National Museum. Sheptytsky AA), the rest - that much. Some time Skitiov premises used for administrative needs, and finally - covered with heath and turned into ruins.

Thus, seemingly sad story of a famous monastery, deservedly called the "Ukrainian Athos. But there is hope. Indeed, as we see from history skit, not once nyschyvsya monastery, but always from hath ruins more powerful. In 1998, prayer echoed Manyava again - here come the new monks. And through their prayers and work of many people, the monastery there again, it sent daily worship, and day still hear the buzzing noise of hammer or saw. Faithful and pilgrims - are always welcome in this house of God, and "manyavtsi" feel to it at home.

Pilgrimage-tourist attractions:


Maniavsky. Vodospad1. "Blessed Stone" - according to legend, a place of prayer legendary caves of monks who allegedly podvyzalysya here in the XIII century. Huge stone-slab, which acts on steep slopes, forming a grotto. Monks and locals believe the water that jet out from under a stone healing.

2. Icon of the Virgin "Mother Superior Maniava and miraculous icon of the Virgin Hodegetria - Izbavytelky of evil (18 century).

3. Tombstones that lay on the grave of the first abbots Skete - Job Theodosius.

4. Manyavsky waterfall - one of the most beautiful waterfalls and the highest Carpathians, 20 meters tall beautiful any time of year. Fabulous winter freezes. The road to it long (2 hr. Walk), but very picturesque.

5. According to legend, somewhere buried in the monastery of Hetman Ivan Vyhovsky, but his tomb has not been found.

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