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Головна » 2011 » Квітень » 20 » Legend of the chopper Dovbusha
Legend of the chopper Dovbusha

Legend of the chopper Dovbusha

This legend is associated with rock Dovbusha located near the town of Kalush. Legend says that a mother had a son Alexey. Her little boy was very handsome and strong. When he celebrated 5 years once he went outside and started playing and tinkering. He made a well-hewn chopper. Entered sonny's house and said: "Look Mom, which I did a hatchet. And grow up, I will so that no I was not too strong. "

She looked to have his son and was glad. A few years later she went to the forest for firewood, and took with him a boy. When they walked through the woods and Alex once said to my mother: "I will fasten his chopper in the stump and pull no one, only I can draw it, When you grow up in a couple of years."

Oleksa age of 16 years. He became a select army to fight the enemies. He took to war boldest hopak who had power, wisdom and courage. Took Alex to his soldiers thus: from high mountains shot wheel, and who his perestrybne in the air, and he was in the army.
They lived in a cave then guys that vydovbuvaly themselves in the rock. In the cave were a table and Lawica Airport, where they sat on the board. Came to the meeting secretly, as soldiers watched over them. Also in the cave was a secret passage.

Once Alex led his soldiers into the mountains to the place where he once scored a hatchet when his mother walked in the wood. They came to the tree, and Alex said: "Well guys pull this chopper"

But no one could extract.
Then Alex came to his mother and said: "Mum, I have now are the strongest in the mountains. My hatchet man than me to extract profitable for nothing. "
A mother in tears:
- You are going to kill rich men.
- Do not cry, Mom! Me no one knows how to kill. Just tell you that I can kill nine grains.
But these words pidsluhaly rich. Pryryhtuvaly everything and when he returned, they shot him.
And this chopper on today is in a tree near the city. Yaremche.

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