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           In health care today operates two hospitals of 140 beds, 2 clinics, 2 outpatient clinics and 4 medical aid stations. At 1 million people resident population accounts for 6.3 hospital beds, that in 1,8 times less than the same indicator for Ukraine, and in 1,7 times - in Ivano-Frankivsk region. The level of security hospital bed almost 2 times lower than the standard rate. 1910 communal properties on the books TSML, 6 of which 1970 launch date, and are in satisfactory condition. With the help of sponsors and their forces in 2002 made ​​some repairs stationary housing, and held the roof covering. A branch office of children between 1999 and currently is not functioning and is in disrepair. On the basis of village clinics Mykulychyn, Tatar village open and operate ambulatory general practice - family medicine. Hospitals are no modern medical diagnostic equipment.

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