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Climate, forest and water recreation resources

Climate, forest and water recreation resources

         The climate of the temperate-continental with warm summers and relatively mild winters. The average temperature in Yaremche is 6.70 C, the coldest month - January (70S) and warmest - July (170 C). The warm period lasts approximately 260 days beginning in early March, ending in late November. Often there are fogs and thaw. The average summer temperature 180 C (highest 280 C). The number of clear days is 28% dark - 27%.
       Amounts over 50S temperatures up to Yaremche 2580, over 100 degrees centigrade - 2200. The rainfall increases from north to south and from the height. In Yaremche 881 mm of rain falls per year, and in June - 135 July - 130 in Yablunitse - respectively 1105, 145 and 142 mm. Number of hours of sunshine in Yaremche 1460 per year (including summer 130), in Vorokhta - 800. Strong winds usually does not happen. Number of days with snow cover - 80-100, its average height of 44-80 cm
       Much of the municipality is covered with forest, mainly mixed beech-fir and spruce, and above 1100-1200 m - pure spruce forests. Beech forests with admixtures of maple, ash, elm, fir and spruce spread on the slopes of mountain ranges to a height of 500-600 m. On the slopes of Gorgan in sandstones growing pine with admixtures of birch and spruce. In the tract and Kedruvatyy Hadzhyna preserved relic pine pine. This combination of coniferous and deciduous forests creates extremely picturesque landscapes, especially in spring and autumn, which is of great aesthetic value. The major waterway is the River Prut. The width of the river within the territory Yaremche 15-40 m, near Delyatyn - up to 120 m slant River 100 m / km in the upper reaches to 10-15 m / km at the output outside of this territory. Velocity 1,5-3 m / sec.

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