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Bike routes on Yaremche

Bike routes on Yaremche

Routes of lower complexity

1. From the center Yaremche is smooth asphalt road to volyernoho
economy. From open air cages begins lifting short forest
way. Approximately 2 km is practically equal to the road, then descends
400 meters to the waterfall Maiden's tears. Return the same way. Time
route 2 hours.

2. From the center Yaremche asphalt road going through seven kilometers
with. Yamna, Mykulychyn Zhenetskoho to forestry. From Zhenetskoho forestry is well
ukatanaya road and leads to a waterfall Hook. The road is a little
acclivity. Returning from the falls the same way.
Route 6 h duration.

3. With Yaremche dobyrayemos main paved roads to the village. Dora,
originally came from asphalted, and then dirt road, despite the museum Andrew Sheptytsky we reach to the tourist base "Legend". This road without visible growths. Route Duration 2 hours.

Routes of higher complexity

1. . In the central city Yaremche doyizdzhayemo way to the village. Yamna where
begins a long ascent to the town Makovitsa. His foot should be overcome.
Leaving on a ridge, on bicycles Take the scenic road from
which opens wonderful views of the surrounding mountains. The road along the ridge has
many ups and long descents. Ridge Rocket dobyrayemosya to g, where
is a television tower. Since it began a long and protracted
descent in s.Mikulichin forest dirt road. From s.Mikulichin
g.Yaremche walk to the main asphalt roads. Route
calculated for the day.

2. From the center Yaremche forest road protracted rise in the city of Chornohorytsya with
her way without big ups to half dobyrayemos Schivka from which
open and beautiful landscapes on which the gutsulskaya bulb. From
meadows Schivka goes a long protracted descent into meadows Vabryanka thence
declivity of Kalush. The route is designed for 5 hours.

3. From the center go through Yaremche volyerne Forestry road.
We overcome two streams to meadows and we reach Trysyanka. The road to it from
minor elevations. From meadows almost equally expensive dobyrayemos
to highways, place called "Crosses". long rise of the Cross
dobyrayemos Pereslop to pass. From the pass is a long climb, but
the end of his foot to be overcome. We go out on an alpine meadow
Betony, which opened with great views of the surrounding mountains and Yaremche and
Hungary. The same way in return. Kalush. Route Duration
5 hours.

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