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History of Yaremcha Yaremche was first mentioned in the chronicles in 1727.

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Yaremche was first mentioned in the chronicles in 1727. According to a legend some 200 years ago a refugee from the feudal oppression Yarema Hodovanets settled here. The name of the town originated from his first name.

The nearest neighboring villages Yamna and Dora were first mentioned in cronicles in 1643.

                   Photo Yaremche woterfull

The town started developing after the construction of the railway Stanaslav-Yaremcha-Vorohta-Rakhiv in 1894 for the shipment of Carpathian timber to industrial regions of Austria, Hungary, Poland and other countries.

In the 19th century Yaremche developed as a recreational area accepting tourists from Vienna, Warsaw, Krakov and L’viv. Then resort Yaremcha specialized as climatic (treatment of tuberculosis).

     Photo Yaremche from Macovitsa
The city was traditional holiday destination for intelligentsia from Poland and Austria. In the Soviet period this region became a sport center and a resort. There were 6 sanatoriums, 3 sport centers, 3 tourist hotels, 5 centers for children and 6 hotels.

Favourable natural conditions promoted the development of toursm after World War I I. New sanatoriums and rest houses were built in 1950s-1980s.

Recreation and tourist industry were at their best at the and of the 19th –beginning 1977.


         Photo “Probiy”                                             “Probiy”

The town of Yaremcha got its municipal status of a town of regional subordination in 1977.

Today it became a well-known resort, tourist and recreational center in the Carpathians.



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