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Transfiguration (Apple delivered)

Transfiguration (Apple delivered)

Transfiguration, the Christian holiday on remembrance of the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ. August 19 celebrated the Orthodox Catholics and 6 August. The Orthodox Church - Hospodske dvonadesyate holiday. All three synoptic Gospels contain similar descriptions of the transformation of the Lord (Matthew 17:1, Mark 9:2, Luke 9:28). Soon after the Savior opened disciples that He must suffer, be killed and resurrected on the third day, he led three disciples - Peter, James and John to Mount Tabor and transfigured before them: and his face shone like the sun, clothes became white as snow. Transfiguration of Christ accompanied shew the Old Testament prophets Moses and Elijah, who spoke with Jesus about his departure is near. All of it hit a light cloud, and with it came a voice: "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. Hear him. "

Celebration of the Transfiguration Church in Christ professes combination of two origins - human and God. Transfiguration is the appearance of the Son of the testimony of the Father in the Holy Spirit is the revelation of all shapes Holy Trinity. Transfiguration was not changed in the Divine nature of Christ, but shew His divinity in human nature. According to John Chrysostom, the Transfiguration happened "to show us the future transformation of our nature and future of their coming on the clouds in glory with angels."

Holy Transfiguration existed already in IV. As evidenced by the teachings and words of Ephraim Sirin and John Chrysostom. The mother of Constantine the Great, Saints Helena, built a temple on Mount Tabor in honor of the Transfiguration, destroyed in the XII century. Salah-ad-Dean. Chants in honor of the holiday were written by John of Damascus and Cosmo Mayumskym (VIII century).. In the West festival in the XII century. was not common, it was founded in 1457 by Pope Callisto III, liturgical setting at the same rank.

Celebration of the Transfiguration lasts 9 days, 5 (18) to 13 (26) August. In the holiday tradition in the ancient church is the dedication of first fruits (cereals, grapes or apples). Therefore, in this day people call the second, or Apple Spas. Holy Transfiguration chosen for the blessing of fruit, for in Jerusalem (borrowed from our Charter) during that time is mature grapes, which, in fact, taken to sanctify this day. Church blessing brought fruit strengthens the idea that it, like the sacred in society, everything - from human to plants - should be devoted to God as his creation.

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