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Day of Ashura (Shahsey-Shahriston)

Day of Ashura (Shahsey-Shahriston)

Ashura (Ashura, "the word" ashara "meaning" ten ") - the tenth day of the Muslim Hijra New Year (in 2006 the year of the 8 February). For Muslims considered ooblyvym tenth day since that day, according to tradition, the Prophet delivered a memorable words: "O people, be quick to do good on this day, for this great day, blessings. Allah has blessed this day Adam. This comes a day Almighty Heaven, Earth Angels. Ashura Day - Day of the Almighty grant the grace of the Ten prophets. End of the world also comes the day of Ashura.

For Muslims shyitiv this day - the day of mourning. First, in accordance with the traditions zahalnomusulmanskymy shyity also marked the onset of the Muslim New Year - Muharram and the 10-day - the day of Ashura as "a great and blessed." But ever since that day in October 10 680 by the Gregorian calendar Blvd killed al-Hussain, the youngest son of Ali ibn Abu Talib and the grandson of Prophet Mohammed, first ten days of the month dedicate mourning the martyrdom of Hussein.

Imam Hussein was captured enemies of Islam in the Battle of Karbala / city in modern Iraq. For Muslims, Imam Hussein shyitiv became a symbol of martyrdom, because he died after a long and painful torture.

Throughout the month, conduct ceremonies, improvised performance events. Women shall weep a lot, showing sympathy for those killed. It is believed that the tears shed in the days of mourning, recovering from various illnesses, even as tears gathered in special vessels - lachrymal.

In shyitiv taken that day to exchange shouting "Wah, Hussein! Wah, Hasan! So this day in shyitiv called Shahsey-Shahriston.

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