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All Saints Day

All Saints Day

November 1

The first two November's day in the Catholic Church in memory of the dead - All Saints Day (November 1) and Memorial Day deaths (November 2).

Holiday has deep pagan roots. About two thousand years ago Celtic tribes at this time celebrating the New Year, which was noted on the eve of the feast Samheyn (Samhain). This time, honey (transition to the winter) was considered magical and mystical time - sidy (neutral, and often hostile to the people charming creatures), taking place in the world of people, but people also have the opportunity to visit potustoronnomu world. It was thought that the souls of the dead on this day back in their homes and need food in sacrificial living. Around this same time (late October), the ancient Romans observed two holidays - Feraliyi in memory of the dead, and the days of Pomona, goddess of fruit trees.

The match dates contributed to the preservation of tradition and remembrance of the dead after widespread dissemination of Christianity. Holiday in the minds of people intertwined with the holiday canon. It is All Saints Day, which is still celebrated Catholic Church on November 1. All hallow ees (Mesa All Saints) - this was his distorted Anglo-Saxon name, so "Halloween" ("Halloween") - is no more than "Eve (Eve) Olholovisa. This pagan idea of the medieval Christian sidiv consciousness turned into an idea of evil force, which in this day comes scare virtuous inhabitants. That is why in medieval and new age spodobyly Halloween witches are necessarily arranged in this day of Sabbath.

Feast of All Saints at first was noted on 13 May this day 609 (at 910, the other denim), Pope Boniface IV sanctified Roman rotunda consecrated to the Virgin and Great Martyr Church. At the beginning of XI century. Pope Gregory III this holiday was moved to 1 November (when the day consecrated by the Saints, who were not their holidays during the year).
Memorial Day deaths

November 2.

A November 2 Catholic Church celebrated commemoration for the dead. Memorial Day deaths based on Catholic dogma of purgatory. People need to remember those who passed away, but is obliged to purgatory and cleansed from sin. Reduce cleaning time can be good deeds and prayer, repentance of those who live and remember the dead.

Memorial Day was established by the Abbe deceased Odilo Klyuniyskym in 998 he began to remember the dead are in the early Middle Ages. Influenced Klyuniyskoyi reform this tradition has spread very quickly.

On this day Catholics sent to the cemetery, often with prayers and hymns, tidy graves, put lighted candles.

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