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World Day of astrology

World Day of astrology

March 20

March 20 is World Day of astrology.

More than ten years ago, Western astrologers have proposed to celebrate the holiday is on March 20, when starting an astronomical and astrological year, the sun at this time enters into Aries.

Astrology (from Greek. Astron - Star and logos - word, teaching) - the science of the influence of the stars in the earthly world and of man. Astrology originated in ancient times, was closely connected with astral astral cults and mythology.

Widespread in the Roman Empire (the first horoscopes - at the turn II - I century BC). Ancient science at different times is the fact in favor, then into nothingness. Now, however, is growing in popularity.

Statisticians around the world believe in the past two decades, astrology has tremendous success, especially among businessmen and politicians. Some councils have no stars can not take a step. Although there is an opinion of psychologists that the predictions apply mainly diffident people.

One half of the team has a sharply negative attitude to astrology and science, it does not consider. The second half is set up ironic, but a little warmer. Nevertheless, we do not want to post on our site horoscopes, predictions, and things like that. In addition, we have not put here the different interpretations of the influence of names on the fate of their vehicles, only limited information about the origin of the name, and, in some places, the mention of the name of art, short list of historical figures, etc.

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