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Rahmanskyy Easter

Rahmanskyy Easter

At the twenty-fifth day after the Easter holiday falls - Rahmanskyy Easter (Mid, Right Wednesday).

Research Sapihy this unusual holiday you can read in a book, Ukrainian folk festivals and customs. And here we have put a little piece of Rahmanskyy Easter books first forum of "disorientation on the ground"

According to ancient belief Ukrainian India - is not exactly the peninsula and the mainland is not quite even, it is faster Island, which lies somewhere in the ocean. India populated island Rahman - enough nefortunnymy creatures who have no calendars and do not know how they calculate Easter. So sitting on the beach, meditate while waiting. Waiting for the egg lushpayok.

Easter breakfast should necessarily throw peel egg to the nearest river, or even a creek. Running to down with water, peel will fall in the Prut River, and thence into the Danube, which is actually another name for the Nile. From the Danube lushpayok way is through the sea on the edge of the world. Picked up and carried along by warm currents, ten of his Friday trip to peel pryb'yutsya coast of India. Then Rahman and learn that Easter has come and begin to celebrate their Easter, rahmanskyy.

Long ago, maybe seven and a half thousand years ago, ie shortly after separation from the world of clouds and water, one of the tribes left India rahmanskyh boating and flying carpets. We have enough reasons this doshukatysya escape - could it be mental clouding, and mystical insight. Departing island runaways brought with them almost every secret knowledge - in bags, pockets and Besaha because they had no books and have not needed because all the main spells and curse could memorize. Among other important things stolen knowledge primarily concerned the true timing, causal series and accretions, the ability to read the past and predict future patterns on palms, chandeliers in the room location or lights in the sky, art, trained bears, mesmerize children and handle hot metal way.

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