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Головна » 2011 » Травень » 9 » Travel around the picturesque Yaremcha
Travel around the picturesque Yaremcha

Travel around the picturesque Yaremcha

Work-story based on own experiences
Yaremcha - a picturesque town in the Carpathians. I have long wanted to visit Yaremcha because you have read about this wonderful part of Ukraine. Trip for me was very interesting. Although I heard about the Carpathians, but never thought they were so beautiful. Especially I was impressed by the giant beeches.

Attracted by its green spruce. They grow freely in the hills, its lush krasuyuchys vitamy.

Mountain air fresh and clean. So fresh that unusually breathe after our urban air is full of abortions gases. It seemed that it was filled with different spices, herbs and flowers, which many around. Friends who accompanied us, told many interesting incidents which occurred in the mountains. Sometimes it became frightened, but curiosity pereboryuvala fear, and we went on. Rising higher and higher, we admired the thick forest that was sinking in a blink.

My father did a lot of photos in memory of our extraordinary journey.

While walking along the edge of the forest, we encountered abundant raspberry bushes. It was smaller than in the gardens, but very sweet.

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