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Tours & Transfers

Tours & Transfers

The organization creates a complex foot and horse trails and the wonderful Carpathian help you learn more about the highlands. For your description of several options for excursions.


Ivano-Frankivsk Ivano-Frankivsk. Echo of Centuries "- the tour you are familiar with the life of Stanislav (the former name of Ivano-Frankivsk) for three centuries. Also see: Potocki Palace complex - the founders Stanislav; market square with town hall - like the medieval town planning; Sheptytsky square with church, cathedral and ancient gymnasia - the spiritual center of the ancient city in Baroque style, touch the wall of the fortress Stanislav fortress, which was a masterpiece of fortification art Medieval Europe, in Memorial Square will hear the story about the life of Ivan Franko - his second love of "proud Princess."

Manyavsky Skit "Manyavsky Skit" - in the village. Manyava is Manyavsky Skit: operating Exaltation of the Cross Monastery - architectural monument of the XVII century. Once skit had 200 monks and dozens of subordinate monasteries in Galicia, Bukovina and Moldavia. Constructions of temples, cells, utility rooms made of stone and is a classic example of church architecture XVII - XVIII century. preserved in the Skete: Cloister Treasury Tower, Saint. Boris and Gleb, the underground church of Archangel Michael. At Holy Cross Cathedral is the miraculous image of Our Lady, written in the XVIIIth. on Mount Athos.


Yaremche "Yaremche - card Carpathians" - near Stone Dovbusha You hear stories about the Carpathian Robin Hood - Olexa Dovbusha, and admire the wonder of nature - Yaremchansky waterfall on the river Prut, touch the pages of history. Attending gutsuls souvenir market, can buy products of the Carpathian craftsmen.



Coloma - Pysanky Museum Museum of Eggs "(Coloma) - the world's only museum of Easter egg painting traditions have been preserved from pre-Christian times. Painting Easter eggs are strict rules for the ritual, and their magic power increases along with the dedication of cake during Easter. The museum itself has the form of egg 14 meters high. It shows the history of Easter eggs, techniques of painting, instruments, composition of ornamental motifs.



Verkhovyna Kryvorivnya Verkhovyna-a museum - museum of musical instruments and gutsulskogo, where putting in Hutsul clothes, you'll play the distinctive musical instruments. The museum Franko You know why famous Ukrainian writers and public figures of the late XIX - early XX century. liked to come here on vacation. And when he saw a house-Citizenship, understand why it's called gutsulskoy fortress. During the tour you will feel that "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors" wandering nearby, because this is where the famous movie was shot Paradzhanov S. "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors," which hit the "Guinness Book of Records" as having won the most awards.


Vorokhta Yaremche - Vorokhta - Combined tour: the tour described by the City of Yaren - card Carpathian added Vorokhta tour - the sports capital of Carpathian, namely, rolling on the longest cable in the Ukrainian Carpathians - chair the road (2000m + 2000m): wonderful views of the highest Carpathian Mountains - dvotysyachnykiv (Goverly, hamster, Petros, Pip Ivan), and an overview of the complex kickers. If you wish to ride on horses, photographing in Hutsul clothes.



Galich "Mysteries of Ancient Galicia - Galic history chronicle, which is 1100 years. Stories about the characters of "The Tale of Igor's: Galician prince Yaroslav Osmomysl, whose wife, daughter of Prince Yuri Dolgoruky - founder of Moscow, his daughter Yaroslavna - wife of Prince Igor. It led hence CC - Volyn State Danylo Galician, who founded the Lions. Also visit modern Galich, admire the beauty of the Dnister Starostynsky river and the remains of the castle.


Rohatyn Rohatyn - Roksolany cradle "- during this tour you will visit the home Nastya Lisovska that Europe 500 years ago known as the wife of the powerful Turkish sultan Suleiman the Magnificent II. You will be convinced that the beauty and wisdom of Ukrainian women played an important role in life of contemporary Europe. Also you can visit the historical monument of XIV century. wooden church of the Holy Spirit.



Prykarpattya Necklace Prykarpattya - universal excursion in which you can one day visit the most famous places of our land: the Museum of Easter eggs in Coloma, MI Frank museum and house - Citizenship Kryvorivni, ride the longest cable-chair way in Vorokhta, see the waterfall Carpathian and buy souvenirs at the market in gutsulskom Yaremche.

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