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Mykulychyn - a village located in the valley of the river Prut, in 18 km from Kalush. This lowland climatic resort, one of the largest villages in Ukraine. There is an assumption that the prince Danilo Galician awarded these lands commander Nikolai. It was built Mykulyn guard post.

Mykulychyn - one of the largest villages in Ukraine 44 km length and the oldest settlements, which are mentioned in 1412 was documented. There is a legend about the name of the village: one day in the mountains with his army was boyar Mikula, who guarded the settlements from attack. Just the hostile army surrounded the mountain, which was Mikula and began the attack. Mikula properly entered into the battle, however, the enemy was much larger and boyar with the song heroically fallen in battle. In honor of him called it a settlement.

The village began to develop since the laying of highway 1825. There was a glass hutu, which lasted until the end of the nineteenth century. And sawing industry. That sawmill management was famous village - already in the XVIII century. There were several sawmill employing farmers. In the early twentieth century. Forestry was four and three of "Sobel", "Sobel and Son" and "Mykulychyn, which at this time was a remarkable achievement. Quite popular was sheep breeding, which until now features prominently in the lives of peasants.

Developed as well as the village recreation center with numerous recreational facilities and a recreation. In particular village famous for treating sheep serum.

 In the village of many interesting objects - both natural and man-made. One of them is Holy Trinity Church of the nineteenth century. and XVIII century bell tower. which are in the way, almost in the middle of the village. The paintings in the church carried Cornelius Ustynovych. Town located in the Natural National Park. At the edge of villages and Mikulichina Tatarova is the largest waterfall in the region Yaremchanskoy "Hook" on richechtsi Zhenets.

Today Mykulychyn one of the low-climatic resort, located 18 km from Yaremche is the point of entering the mountains and the Great Yavirnyk Rocket.

People in Mikulichina settled from time immemorial. Proof of this is found stone core. The first written mention of the locality - 1412r.

Mikulichina Territory (formerly 435 square miles) reached the south until the spine Chornohorky. Go to the office from him in 1927 and independent communities Vorohty Tatarova, Mykulychyn was then the largest settlement in Poland. J. Falkovsky in his work "western frontier Gutsulschiny" Enter the title in 1946 under the settlement near Mikulichina government document 1856.

Mykulychyn uncharted French engineer Boplana in 1650r. For the first time a detailed topography of the then territory of Ukraine.

In government seals Mikulichina in 19-20 centuries. depicting horse sometimes laden doll yanymy bochivkamy so-called berbenytsyamy. He became a kind of emblem settlements. According to the ancient statistics, the horses here were 5-10 times higher than in Pidhirska villages. They often hire residents of other settlements for transportation of goods, particularly in Hungary. As he wrote S. Vintsenz: "Where guzul there and horses.

In the inventory for 1700 states that in 1980 there were Mikulichine farms, 6 pivdvoryschnyh 47 hatnykiv, 27 storekeepers and a few fishermen. Farmers vidroblyaly serfdom, paying excessive taxes. Fishermen to work in a lordly manor not involved, but each had to give 700 per year Trout (trout), to pay tribute and 2 zlotys rohovynu.

In the 16 th - mid 17 th century. the Galician Carpathians, Bukovina and Transcarpathia growing outlaw movement. Historical sources provide information that their time with residents. Mikulichina were to outlaw groups Basil Lunga, John Pysklyvoho, Gregory shingle. The most brilliant page in the outlaw movement wrote glorious leader Alex Dovbush. In 1741 his unit was to clash with mykulychantsyamy who accompanied the squad Kuty merchants. Summer 1745r. comrades cruelly with the rural rich Vorohty Mochernyuk. After death the body was Dovbusha chetvertovano and hung on stilts in settlements Pokuttia and ethnographical particular Mikulichine.
Information about the Greek Catholic church in Mikulichine available from 1701, but the temple was built here before. Modern Church of the Holy Trinity was built and consecrated in 1868 completed her project architect J. Chaykovetskyy. The iconostasis was painted by renowned artist Cornelius Ustyyanovych, who described himself in the image of St. Josaphat. Researcher G. Logvin church architecture called the church belfry mykulychanskoyi little masterpiece, which created only a talented hand of the master.

State odnoklasna School Mikulichine founded in 1862 subsequently began operating dvoklasna Ukrainian school and trohklasna - Polish. Already in 1871 the government postal worked here.

One of the first restaurants in Hutsulia mentioned in 1879 in Mykulychyn. He was called a Catholic - perhaps the owner was a Pole.

The famous ethnographer V. Klapchuk considered one of the oldest companies in the region saw mill in the tract mykulychanskyy Foreschyk which functioned in 1787 Another sawmill was Mlynivtsi Falchi in the tract in 1842 later worked in the village sawmill State "Mykulychyn" sawmill " H. Sobel and Son, factory wood mass "Beskid". At last, in particular, pressed glass chips for packaging and porcelain. In the mid 19 century. Mikulichine operated glass Huta G. Rogan, where producing sheet glass and bottle.

For transportation of forest tracts Polyanitsya Chemyhivska, Kopchyn in 1910-1944 he was built vuzkokoliykaa length of 20.9 km. It also welcomes tourists used to view the magnificent panorama of the surrounding mountains.

In 1901, the Lvov Company Folk accommodation facility "in the leased pastor o.Tadeya GALAYCHUK villa near the railway station and opened the Ukrainian hotel, where she worked as library reading room. In the summer of that year here rested such prominent writers as Mr. Stefanik and Mr. Lepky.

In 1875 in Mikulichine at home Illariya Herasymovych visiting politician, journalist Michael Drahomanov Ukrainian Lesya uncle. As he later recalled in nakupyv Mikulichine "good gutsulskih products, most with neck vypletiv necklaces - fashion, which gave my - then let relatives in Ukraine." One of the portraits we see his niece Les Ukrainian sylyankoyu of beads around his neck.

Mykulychyn in 1890 visited the English writer of Scottish descent M. ers. Here she lived for a month. Later in his book "The Girl in the Carpathians" tartan recognized farmers Mikulichina most beautiful clothes, especially charmed her sandals and vest.

22-23 April 1912 in the future heir Mikulichine visited the Austro-Hungarian Habsburg Charles France, which soon became Emperor Charles (1916-1918) and his wife Princess Zita of Bourbon-Parma family. For high guest here hunt was arranged hoturiv (wood grouse).

In the early 20 century. opened shop in the village of art products of craftsmen. Mykulychyn has long been the center of manufacturing and carved instruktovanyh (so-called "painted") tables. The famous ethnographer M. Klapchuk took account of 120 such vyrobiv.Vyznanymy masters painted tables and carved chests, chairs were Sorohmanyuk P., M. Zazulchaky (senior and junior), J. Tefledzhuk, D. Veredyuk, M. Stefaniuk etc. .

In the interwar period, travelers can stop to rest in a 3 Mikulichine tourist stations, hotels Zdzislaw Shera, pension Hoverla, House Health printers Lviv, Lviv resorts academic schools. At last in 1938 was a monument to Queen Yadviha student guardian (born about 1374, died 1399).

In the first half of the 20st. Mikulichine actively worked Ukrainian NGOs as "Enlightenment," January ", then" Meadow. " There was an open gutsulskuyu Bank of Montenegro "and economic and trade company Gutsulskaya union.

In his time priselke Mikulichina Polyanitsya Chemyhivskyh lived UGA legendary captain, Commander Hutsulsland booth riflemen Golinskii Grits. Nicholas is a native Mikulichina Domashevskyy, Doctor of Economics, editor Gutsuliya (USA), which gave the Chicago History Gutsulschiny in 3 volumes. In 40-ies. 20st.v around Mikulichina actively operated by Ukrainian insurgents, including UPA boyivka Kif'yaka George on pseudo "Shugay.

The latest fourth 20 st.v Mikulichine operated numerous children's recreation camps. At the time of independence of Ukraine reduced number of resorts that meet the highest recreational requirements, developed with the rest of green tourism in rural dwellings.

Materials on the history Mikulichina courtesy senior fellow of the Museum of Ethnography and Ecology of the Carpathians Svetlana Flys.

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