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Головна » 2011 » Квітень » 30 » Mineral water
Mineral water

Mineral water
         Surveys conducted in 1979-1981 he Lviv Department of the inter-complex problems of Productive Forces of the USSR Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, on the basis of hydrogeological and development management "Ukrheokaptyazhminvod" and Chernivtsi complex hydrogeological party association "Ukrzahidheolohiya in 1990 - 1991 indicate that in the mountainous and foothill regions of Ivano-Frankivsk region, particularly Yaremchanskoy City Council, there are significant opportunities for spa treatment at the mineral water. In particular, the settlement near Yamna mineral water found two types: brackish hydrocarbon sodium with high content of organic substances (such as "NAFTA"), chloride-carbonate-sodium low-salinity (type "Brusnytska, Mirgorodskaya). Approved reserves the fluid, respectively 43.2 and 14.34 m3/day m3/day, showed promising construction and reconstruction of spa facilities in the region. Near Sanatorium-dispensary "Yaremche" is a source of mineral water, whose chemical composition is close to Morshinskoy. Today, for practical needs is available. District of recreational facilities located on the street. Cottage in Yaremche beats source of hydrogen sulphide mineral water. It can be used in the treatment of gastritis, stomach ulcer, dvanadtsyatypersnoyi ulcer, chronic colitis. In small doses, this water is used for preventive treatment of gastro-intestinal tract of children of Chernobyl zone, which gives 30% positive change in the body. Actual is from prospecting to identify new deposits of mineral waters, study them for wide application in practice of spa treatments.

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