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Головна » 2011 » Квітень » 12 » If you are fond of active recreation or adventure tourism
If you are fond of active recreation or adventure tourism

If you are fond of active recreation or adventure tourism

If you are fond of active recreation or adventure tourism and want to be alone with nature and escape from daily routine, it is best for you rest - Dragobrat Yaremche (Ukraine).

Dragobrat Yaremche - the most popular alpine ski resort in Ukraine. It is located at an altitude of 1300-1400 meters. On all sides Dragobrat Yaremche surrounds a huge mountain range and pine forests. Here is Goverla - the highest point of the Ukrainian Carpathians.
Here, among the fantastic scenery, you can feel the beauty of holidays in the mountains (Dragobrat Yaremche). The area is distant from population centers and transportation hubs, there is no hustle and bustle. Here, only crystal clear air, silence and peace.

Dragobrat Yaremcha: winter vacation
Resort Dragobrat Yaremche long ago took his place in the hearts of Ukrainian skiers. The presence of snow cover from November to May - the main advantages of this resort to other resorts in the Carpathians. This area is known that even in warm winter there is always snow. Ski holidays in Dragobrat Yaremche and will be of interest to any skiers, regardless of skill level. There are routes of different difficulty levels: for beginners, average complexity, high complexity. The length of the longest road, you can conquer the ski holiday in Dragobrat Yaremche and is 1300 meters. Trails serves five lifts loop, located near tourist Dragobrat Kalush. In addition, a winter vacation in Dragobrat Yaremche and - paradise for snowboarders. Huge virgin fields, covered with a thick layer of snow, great for snowboarding.

Dragobrat Yaremcha: vacation, prices, housing
Infrastructure resort every year is growing and evolving. Cost of holiday in Dragobrat Yaremche and depends on the season, close to the lift and level of proposed housing. Summer vacation will make affordable housing and nutrition, winter vacation in Dragobrat Yaremche e - prices inflated. This is because Dragobrat Yaremche, primarily, is ski resort and winter is far more tourists than in summer. The most popular time to relax at the spa Dragobrat Yaren - winter holidays, prices inflated, but the conditions created by nature for skiing deserve. If you have not been to this resort in winter, be sure to visit! In addition to mini-hotels, resorts, very popular in private recreation and Dragobrat Yaremche. With a decent fee, you can rent a room or an entire floor in a house or cottage.

Dragobrat Yaremcha: summer vacation
Those who prefer winter over summer vacation may not be less exciting to spend your vacation. Summer in Dragobrat Yaremche and - this above all, treatment and rest in Dragobrat Yaremche and. The unusual nature, clear mountain air, clean rivers fill you with positive emotions and joy of life back. Furthermore, their stay in Dragobrat Yaremche can diversify and excursions, pedestrian and horse riding, cycling. Summer prices are much lower than prices in the winter. Dragobrat Yaremche - a holiday that is beautiful in any season.
Unlike other more developed resorts in the Carpathians, Dragobrat Yaremche gives all fans a relaxing stay calm, unforgettable scenery, complete isolation from the outside world. Buy the rest (tours) Dragobrat Yaremche and discover this unforgettable corner of the Carpathians.

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