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Головна » 2011 » Квітень » 20 » Carpathians. Mykulychyn - Yaremche. May 2009
Carpathians. Mykulychyn - Yaremche. May 2009

Carpathians. Mykulychyn - Yaremche. May 2009

    After Zhenetskoho decided to take a ride in a waterfall. Yaremche. Went to the bus stop near hendelyka "The snag": there would have a snack and warm, but all seats were occupied so we poured tea and allowed to sit on the chests near the entrance. We look at this situation as the two bomzhyka), but the main thing that zihrilysya. By the way he looks rather nice pumpkin and colorful (maybe even before his visit). Nearby tourist begins cognitive-walking route Dovbusha trail, we headed there. The route is nice and napryazhnyy, sometimes even mystical. The truth about stone slabs * yanyh tusuyetsya many people do so in the afternoon there was a normal photo problematic. Along the entire trail are stands where in poetic form deals with the activities Robin (unfortunately not a single verse * Add yatav).
    After this walk poplentalys to farm with deer and boars. Here the shaft of the people with children everywhere donosyvsya smell barbecue and scream pidvypyvshyh women older Bal'zakovskij slightly older age. On this note optymistyniy the ground began to descend dusk, so we returned to Mykulychyn.
    So ended this mini-trip and the next day had already set off to Kyiv.
    Carpathians had a lasting impression and instilled a desire to return here again and again!

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