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Carpathians in winter

Carpathians in winter

Carpathians in winter gives you crystal-tale peaks. Ancient trees, clear mountain rivers, lakes prozrachnыe, rushing waterfalls, enchanting legends and unique natural landscapes - all this will give you the Carpathians.

winter recreation in Carpathians
skiing at Bukovele

Carpathians in winter - the most healthful air in Ukraine. For less populated Carpathians cars, not clogged factories.

Carpathians - the largest environmentally clean region of Ukraine. Carpathians - a corner a wild, untouched nature. Well-developed infrastructure of ski resorts, new trails and tour routes, lifts, hire high-quality sports equipment. Landscapes from which breathtaking, and the soul is born of inspiration.

Carpathians in winter - ideal, which will combine an active holiday in winter and quiet contemplation of beautiful mountain scenery covered with snow blanket. Carpathian Mountains - so close to heaven, but with the ability to fully enjoy the earthly comfort.

Carpathians in winter - the most affordable and financially attractive in terms of communication with the host. You always understand your mentality and cultural interests, as opposed to foreign resorts. In addition, the Carpathians in winter does not require visas and passports.

Carpathians in winter charge you cheerfulness and health for the whole year!

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