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Головна » 2011 » Квітень » 30 » At the Lake Nesamovyte
At the Lake Nesamovyte

At the Lake Nesamovyte

Ghosts are not seen, but much dismayed. In the rage in 1993. Then I understood why it is called Frantic. First, there was strong wind and then it seemed as if someone walks out of the tent but we were afraid to look out. Outside remained guitar strings so she played.

Even my girlfriend went to a hike in the same 1993-m, they spent the night at some old mortgage on the road from guchi on Syvulyu (exact location can not say it, maybe someone from forumchan heard of the place). Two boys and four girls were so perepolohani toyu night that just got off the route. No, ghosts do not see any but the feeling was eerie, as if there was something very bad. And this was confirmed by sober and brave guys.

Quite by chance I learned about Prodigal GRUN (prodigal soil) oblyzu a popular tourist paths that lay in the river Zhonka near Kalush. When the road sign - Prodigal GRUN, rozpytavsya forest guys (among workers) and it turned out - Mushroom, calm and quiet a little creepy place where the loss of orientation in the trenches Mizhgirya, around trees and mountain top without property ' relate to the mast retransyatora, Hutsul hatok, footpath. Local do not go there, except by ignorance, and then talk about unpleasant experiences. That happens.

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